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Become a thief in this simulation game

Thief Simulator is a stealth video game created and published by Noble Muffins. As its name suggests, the game is about simulating the life of a thief. It follows the story of the protagonist, aptly called The Thief, who steals for a guy named Vinny. A first-person life simulation game, players will break inside homes and loot whatever they think is valuable. Thief Simulator is a remarkably detailed and nuanced game, which accurately recreates what it's like to be a thief. 

Do what a thief does

Theif Simulation does exactly what it says on its name. The game will have you undergo everything that a thief does, including prowling along a neighborhood to gather intel, stealing stuff quickly, and selling your stolen wares to a pawn shop. You can even disassemble stolen cars to sell their parts on the internet. However, the game lacks a deeper storyline full of double-crosses. It also doesn't involve elaborate heists.

And while it is a sandbox game at the core, it doesn't have huge open worlds where you can steal en masse like in the Grand Theft Auto series either. What you'll get is a handful of neighborhoods, each home filled with precious valuables. The game is more of a cross between the Thief games and Payday 2. It works by slowly introducing you to the mechanics. You'll start your string of B-and-Es by using a crowbar to smash a window and steal some saucepans and kettles. 

However, as the game progresses, you will learn how to pick locks to gain access to homes without making noises. You can also get access to some equipment to make your missions a little easier. As your thief skill tree develops, you get more options as to how you want to steal. Pulling off simple jobs will earn you XP, letting you buy better thieving skills. Selling your stolen items to the pawnshop will gain you cash, while more specific items can be sold off on a black market. 

The flaw in the brilliant game

To add a challenge, the occupants sometimes appear while you are in the act of stealing. They appear with white silhouettes, so you can track their movements. You can hide within and around the homes—including garbage bins and closets. You can also drive away, especially if the cops are called after you trip over the alarm system. 

However, The Thief's getaway car is more of a hindrance than a help. Even the cars in the Far Cry games are better. It drives slow and often hits pedestrians, rendering escape utterly pointless. 

The AI at play also isn't brilliant. Homeowners are easy enough to avoid if you hide in the shadows. Pedestrians, on the other hand, appear out of nowhere at the most inopportune time. Moreover, you can hit a handful of properties without repercussions. 

Fun but repetitive

If you are tired of loud and at-large robbery gameplay and like to try more quiet thievery, then Thief Simulator has a new career for you. The game is a lot of fun and gives you a sense of freedom in how you want to execute the game. However, it is not the prettiest of games, and it soon starts repeating itself. Certain stories are locked behind certain levels, and you will soon find yourself looting the same set of houses over and over. 


  • Unique game concept
  • Accurately recreates the life of a thief
  • Gives players freedom in executing the mission
  • Lots of thieving tools


  • Faulty game AI
  • Lacks deeper storyline
  • Repetitive
  • Small game map

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Thief Simulator for Mac

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.5
  • (4)
  • Security Status

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